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MMA's Most Wanted - Fighter
"Captain" Morgan Sickinger!

Dec. 15th, 2014

Captain Morgan Sickinger, a true role model in the sport.
Morgan's hard work in and out of the cage are a great example of the character and dedication it takes to stay in and do well in Mixed Martial Arts.

Over the last 4 years, I've had the chance to get to know Morgan Sickinger. Morgan is a excellent friend, fighter & trainer. He's a 145 lbs. Pro MMA fighter, a pillar in his community and a professional trainer. Morgan used to worked 3 jobs, train 4 days a week and participated in community events & fundraisers. Now that Morgan is working full-time, he's still training 3 to 4 days a week, while making time to volunteer and work in his community.

Sometimes, Morgan gives me a call at 12 a.m. (PST), after he gets off work and tells me about his week. Morgan is the type of person that provides a friend with a safe ride home. Morgan worked part-time as a bouncer for several years and sometimes drives home friends that have had too much to drink. #Epic huh? You have to ask yourself, "Where does Morgan get these amazing character traits from?"

Morgan was born and raised in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He comes from a great family: his parents Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sickinger, his brother, sisters and many relatives.  There family is large, shows a lot unity and team spirit for local sports teams. That team spirit makes their bond even stronger, which, is evident in their 25 family members strong, Green Packers theme, picture!
Take a look at this recent epic Sickinger family picture!


During Morgan's high school years he played several sports like football, track field, cross country and wrestling. Morgan has a degree from OskKosh University - B.S.. in Exercise Science with 3 minors: strength & conditioning, wellness and high school coaching.

Morgan utilizes much of his Physical Education, Health and Wellness knowledge and experience at work and in the gym, on a daily basis. He's been a part-time High School Coach, local sports official, YMCA trainer and instructor. Almost any day of the week, you can find Morgan working, training or personal training.

Over the past 7 years, Morgan has worked up to 3 part-time jobs and now works full-time. For the last 4 years Morgan has been training with Michael Biddle and team at Unified Martial Arts in Fondu Lac, Wisconsin.

When Morgan used to work part-time, he trained Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and sometimes on Saturday. When he had 3 part-time jobs he would work Mon-Sat whether it be several hours, all day Monday. Most of the time, Morgan's either working or training. Mondays used to be his longest and toughest work day, as he started at 9am and ended his day at 2am.

Captain Morgan Sickinger's old work and training schedule
from (2008 to 2013):

8AM - 9PM Work @ YMCA
12PM - 1PM Boot Camp Cllass
10PM - 2AM Work @ MC3's

9AM - 11AM Training @ UMA
4PM - 7:30PM Work @ YMCA
7:30 - 9:30PM Foosball

10AM - 12PM Work @ YMCA
4PM - 9PM Work @ YMCA
6PM - 7PM Tabata / MMA Class

9AM - 11AM Training @ UMA
4PM - 8:30PM Work @ YMCA

3PM - 4:15PM Work @ YMCA
5PM - 8PM Training @ UMA

10AM - 5PM Work @ Officiate / Teach
10PM - 3AM Work @ MC3's
Sometimes Training @UMA

2PM - 4PM Training @ UMA

What a schedule! Now that Morgan has a full-time job, he works grave yards with Friday and Saturdays off.

Morgan's NEW schedule (March 2014 to present):

Monday -
12am to 7am - Work

Tuesday -
12am to 7am - Work

2pm to 5pm - Train @ UMA

Wednesday -
12am to 7am - Work

Thursday -
12am to 7am - Work

Friday -
11am to 2pm - Train @ UMA

Saturday -
11am to 2pm - Train @ UMA

Sunday -
12am to 7am - Work

As you can tell, Morgan now works full-time, trains 3 to 4 days a week, coaches wrestling, volunteers, works on his own website
( www.CaptainMorganMMA.com and The Captains Crew MMA Clothing ) and makes time for fans by social networking and supporting his sponsors.

When Morgan is not working, training or competing he spends his free time with family & friends, sleeping, working on www.CaptainMorganMMA.com, social networking on Twitter
@TheCaptain145 and keeping up with fans on Facebook.

Morgan has dedicated 7 years of training and virtually his entire life
to family, Physical Education, Fitness and MMA.

Morgan is a excellent fighter and has a very respectable record of 18-7 as a PRO 145 / 155 lbs. He's steadily improving and always fights tough opponents. In fact, one of Morgan's recent opponents went on to obtain big contract with many opportunities.

Morgan fought a young man in 2012 that went on to Bellator. Keep in mind that Morgan has'nt been KO'd! Morgan deserves a shot in a big show!

Morgan Sickinger is on crest of making the transition from being a top ranked fighter in Wisconsin to fighting in a large promotion with Nationwide exposure. We believe Morgan has put in the work and is prepared to display his skills in the cage and achieve greatness.  We expect to be contacted by one of the bigger shows, any day now. We know Morgan's large following will be excited to watch him fight on TV and show support for the promotion that signs him.

We invite you to visit "Captain" Morgan Sickinger's website www.TheCaptainMMA.com
athlete page on FB and be sure to follow him on Twitter
@TheCaptain145 .

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When you visit Morgan's website, Facebook page and MMA's Most Wanted fighter profile you'll find some great pics, videos, excellent workout tips, healthy suggestions, comedy (Norrisisms), good friends, MMA events and MORE. Stay tuned for "Captain" Morgan Sickinger's training, projects and events. You don't want to miss his special projects like a training program, seminars and DVD! Check him out and stay tuned!

Lastly, we want to thank "Captain" Morgan Sickinger for all of his hard work, dedication and teamwork. Congrats to Morgan for contribution to his family, society and all of his accomplishments inside and outside the cage!

It's been our honor and pleasure to have Morgan as a friend, teammate, fighter and overall good person.

"Captain" Morgan Sickinger is a true role model in the sport.

Thank you for reading!


Ruben Lopez
Founder - MMA's Most Wanted


Special Thanks to:

"Captain" Morgan Sickinger
PRO MMA Fighter 145 / 155 lbs, Wisconsin

The Captain's Crew MMA Clothing

Unified Martial Arts
73 S Main St
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
(920) 579-0358
UMA Head Coach - Mike Biddle


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