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Victor "STRIKER" Silva!

MMA Record: 16-4

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Victor "STRIKER" Silva (Click Here!)

Victor "STRIKER" Silva

Record: 16-4

 DOB:  Nov. 22nd
Weight: 135 lbs
Class: Bantamweight

Height: 5'8"

Reach: 72 in

Fight Team:
Astra Fight Team

Location & Gym:
Balneario Camboriu,
Santa Catarina, Brazil



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Most Wanted 

Astra Fight Team



Personal Training


MMA's Most Wanted
Press Release

MMA's Most Wanted - Headquaters
April 15th, 2017

We're very excited to announce, MMA's Most Wanted's
sponsorship of  Brazilian Bantamweight Rising Star,
Victor "STRIKER" Silva a.k.a. Victor Hugo Silva!

 Victor lives in and trains Balneario Camboriu, the State of
Santa Catarina, Brazil.  He's a member of  the @AstraFightTeam,
one of the best gyms in #Brazil!  He trains with his
Sensei, Marcelo Brigadeiro and team. 
He's also sponsored by Nutry Power Supplements.

Victor "STRIKER" Silva:

MMA's Most Wanted - Victor "STRIKER" Silva
fighter profile

Fight Team:

Astra Fight Team - Facebook page

@AstraFightTeam - Instagram

Victor "STRIKER" Silva is a Brazilian MMA Star! We're very happy
to help Victor meet and get to know MMA fans in the Unites States
 and around the rest of the world.  Despite being on a
5 fight #winstreak, Victor is very friendly, humble and respectful. 

That's right people, @VictorSTRIKERSilva is on 5 fight win streak! Add to that how exciting he fights and you have a win win situation!
@BellatorMMA @MMAWorldSeries Bantamweight fighters


We're super excited about @VictorSTRIKERsilva fighting in @AsperaFC #AsperaFC51 on May 20th, 2017! #AsperaFC has a major weekend planned on with #AsperaFC51 on Sat.


AsperaFC51 5/20/17

#AsperaFC51 on Sun. May 20th, 2017!

#AsperaFC52 on Sun. May 21st, 2017!


We recommend you watch Victor "STRIKER" Silva's
highlight video:

You will quickly realize he's a impressive Striker, that's as dangerous standing up as he is on the ground. In face half of his wins are by Submission.  His fight videos are very exciting!

He's on a TERROR with a five fight win streak! We believe Victor Hugo Silva is on another level, READY for Bellator MMA or World Series of Fighting!

Please join us in welcoming Victor "STRIKER Silva to our MMA's Most Wanted Team! Be sure to follow and support Victor as we introduce him to MMA fans all over the world! You may see Victor fighting on TV / Cable sooner than you might expect! Thank you for the support!

Victor is super excited to be on our team and looks forward to a chance to fight in the USA and show #MMA fans what he can do!

Victor "STRIKER" Silva is PUMPED!!!

Special thanks to Victor's sponsor

Nutry Power Supplements

Victor "STRIKER" Silva:

MMA's Most Wanted - Victor "STRIKER" Silva
fighter profile

@VictorStriker0 - Twitter

@VictorSTRIKERMMA - Instagram

Astra Fight Team:

Astra Fight Team - Facebook page

@AstraFightTeam - Instagram

Thank you for reading our Victor "STRIKER" Silva sponsorship Press Release! 

Be sure to stay tuned to our website and
our social networking at:


@MMAMostWanted - Facebook

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@MMAMostWanted Twitter

Ruben Lopez
MMA's Most Wanted - Founder






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